Seven Reasons to Live in Cobb County

| April 12, 2012 | Reply

Tim Lee, Cobb County Chairman, spoke at a realtor luncheon today and shared these seven great things about Cobb. A few of these are a big deal because they will have a profound impact on your property value.

1) Cobb County generates 10% of ALL of GA’s Economy!

2) A baby born in Cobb County can go from Pre-K to a Doctorate Degree without ever leaving Cobb County

3) Tourism is the #1 Industry in Cobb…bet you did not know that!

4) One third of all jobs created in Metro Atlanta Area in 2011 were in Cobb!

5) Cobb has  the lowest millage rate of any of the Metro Counties

6) County Finances are in great shape and because of that we have a TRIPLE AAA Rating for our bond rates when the county borrows money

7) We’re one of the very few counties in America that has this high of Rating because of the sound finances of our county government


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