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Full Time Cobb Realtors vs Part Timers

Part time real estate agents can cost you tens of thousands of dollars when compared to a seasoned full time Cobb realtor & professional. The “friends and family” discount from an inexperienced agent in many cases won’t truly be a discount when you reach the closing table.

As people we’re in relationships everyday. We all know people that are part time real estate agents. I call them “Tennis Team Tina”, “Golf Buddy Greg” and “Salon Stylist Sheri”. These part timers have a full time job and sell perhaps one to four homes per year. The problem with these part time realtors is that they sell enough homes to say “hey I sell houses” but they also sell enough home to be dangerous because of their limited knowledge of real estate. You might like Tina or Greg or Sheri and I’m sure they are good people, but they probably aren’t great at listing your home for sale.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew a full time Cobb realtor? Somebody with a decade plus of experience that takes the job of real estate seriously? In this decade of experience I’ve been involved in over 500 transactions and have walked through probably 20,000 houses. Those experiences don’t cost a home seller any more money than hiring a part time agent like Tina, Greg or Sheri. With experience like mine, you get all of my knowledge in every part of your transaction. Real estate is built into my DNA at this point. Don’t let a part time agent with limited knowledge sell your home. You need a full time cobb realtor, a proven professional with the experience necessary to sell your home for more money through superior marketing.

If a seasoned veteran can yield you several thousand more dollars on the sale of your home, isn’t it worth tucking that relationship away and keeping it exactly where it belongs – maybe back on the golf course, the hair salon or on the tennis court? Don’t bring that relationship into selling your half million plus dollar home, it’s just not worth it. It will cost you thousands of dollars every time.

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