A Walk with East Cobb Realtor Terry Burger

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East Cobb Realtor, West Cobb Agent Leads North Atlanta in Multi-Media Marketing

What inspires East Cobb realtor Terry Burger to treat his real estate listings like a hand crafted Rolls Royce automobile? Join him on this 2 minute walk and find out.

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As an East Cobb realtor, the reason I created this website is because I want you, the consumer, to know what is involved in selling your home the right way.  You need to know what the best real estate marketing looks like, and what everybody else’s marketing looks like.  I think it’s important that you understand if you’re going to be spending 6 to 7% paying an East Cobb realtor  to sell your house, you really need to shoot for the most incredible photography, video, social media presence, Google advertising, or whatever we need to do to make your home stand out.

When choosing an East Cobb realtor, you’ve got to hire someone who is passionate, someone who is excited to get in the trenches with you & spend quality time handcrafting your marketing.  I’ve been featured on national websites, interviewed by MSN, WSBTV, and national photography and video blogs for real estate.  I’ve been one of RE/MAX’ Top 20 Agents in Georgia for many the past 10 years.  However, none of that compares to doing a good job for a home seller and getting to know that person.

My goal would be that I would do such a good job for you that you would refer me to your East Cobb family, friends,  and neighbors. Perhaps if you moved away from Atlanta and knew someone moving back you would remember me.  My goal is to make an impact on my homeowners. This is the job I’ve been wired to do.  I’m supposed to be a real estate agent in Cobb. I’m supposed to serve people, provide them the best possible marketing so that they don’t leave money on the table when they sell.

If you would like to learn more call me on my cell or my office line 678-388-1020.  Thanks again & I hope you have a great day.

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